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  • About the Artist

    Graduating from the Alberta College of Art & Design in 2013, the freshly-minted visual artist discovered a new passion: Aromatherapy and Plant Medicine.

    Captivated by nature, Kat then began to research the art of perfuming. There was a bounty of information to learn: history, alchemy, intersections with witchcraft, the secrets held inside each twig, leaf and flower. Kat stayed up way past bedtime, discovering new ingredients, ideal countries of origin and designing perfumes. 

    Kat's visual art is inspired by human relationships, and the impact that they have on her emotional state. These relationships the artist cultivates with other human beings are a powerful creative tool that drives the work she creates.

    Utilizing the process of weaving to make soft sculptures, their work is soft and engaging. Kat draws on our desire to touch the untouchable (art objects). Having an art practice that is as multi-faceted as her perfumes is important, whether it is miniature baskets made of human hair, performance art or scent installations.

    Kat launched a line of boutique natural perfumes in 2017, Evocatif Perfumes in Calgary Alberta. They also work as an independant aromatherapist and educator .